Luis Martinez Racing 2012 Formula Drift Program


Bethlehem, PA – After getting their feet wet in professional drifting last season, LMR is finally announcing their 2012 Formula Drift program. Mad Croc Energy and LMR have teamed up in a major way to campaign the Mad Croc Energy / LMR Nissan S14 this 2012 Formula Drift season. Mad Croc Energy produces some of the best tasting energy drinks, gum, and chew in the world. Mad Croc Energy is no stranger to professional motorsports, sponsoring teams in Formula 1, Nascar, GT Racing, and Boat Racing. The new LMR Nissan S14 has been built-in collaboration with Groundwerks Garage out of Mohton PA. Brad Hettinger will continue to be the driver for the V8 powered LMR Nissan S14.

Another big player that just recently came on board to the LMR program is Falken Tire. Falken Tire’s current products range from the track-inspired and enthusiast-targeted Azenis series to their maximum performance and luxury tires. Brad Hettinger will be running on AZENIS-615K’s, one of Falken’s most popular tires, which are also used by many Formula Drift teams.

“I am truly excited about this years Formula Drift season” said Luis Martinez, owner of LMR. “Mad Croc Energy is going to give us the fuel we need to be competitive in professional drifting. I feel pretty confident that Brad Hettinger will make a strong showing in the newly built Nissan S14. Hettinger is a truly talented drift driver and will get the job done for the entire team. I am also honored to partner up with a company like Falken Tire. They have really helped evolve the sport of drifting to what it is today. Falken’s AZENIS 615K tire is one of the best tires out on the market period! These tires will help give us more grip, reduce rotating mass, and bring up the wheel speed on the race car.”

Other corporate partners that will support LMR this season are: Scangauge, Konig Wheels, Aeroquip, Spec Clutch, Raceseng, Torco, STT Safety, Sikky, Haltech, Extreme Dimensions, ATL Fuel Cells,, Groundwerks Garage, and Armageddon Designs.

Luis Martinez Racing will be competing at Road Atlanta, West Palm Beach, Wall NJ, and Irwindale this season only. LMR has been involved in motorsports since 2001 and ventured into drifting in 2009. They are currently involved in drag racing, road racing, and drifting.